Frequently Asked Questions

This Agreement was last modified on 01 June 2017.

Shipping Information

How to register an account?

Click on my account to register or login. You can manage your orders, coupons and other information at any time after you register your account

What do you do when you lost to login the password?

Please click the lost password page to enter your user name or e-mail address when you register. You will receive an email with a reset password link.

How do I get coupons?

The coupons mall will be released periodically in activities or members of users, and there will be emails and other notices after the payment.

Some coupons have special properties such as limited commodity use, limited time use and so on.

Please use the method to fill in the coupon code in the order settlement. After the order is submitted, the settlement will be automatically deducted according to the preferential information.

How to return the goods?

The product supports up to three years warranty service. If the product has quality problems, please contact us here: .

Is it free shipping?

Free delivery from  your order is over $1,000.

When is the delivery after payment?

We will refer to the order of payment within 7 days (during the activities during the activity announcement), affected by the objective logistics factors, may have some delay, please wait patiently.

The order information is left in error. Can it be changed?

Orders can be modified by contacting customer service before shipment.

If the order is shipped, it will not be modified.

What is the failure of order payment?

If you fail to complete the payment within two hours after the submission of your order, the order you want to pay will be cancelled. Please resubmit the order and complete the payment within two hours.

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