About Us

Who is ZOPO?

Established in 2008, ZOPO has devoted almost 10 years focusing on mobile phone business. We got ZOPO brand users in over 135 countries. We got ZOPO experience stores over 10 countries such as Spain and Germany. We got direct cooperation with Fnac & Media Markt.

What we are doing now?

Based on the companies decision to dliversify and expand our products; we now hanve added two new product lines. ZOPO Sports  and ZOPO Kid. .

What we will do?

We’ll provide the best condition and cooperation to our distributors. In August, we will release a booming model to well known ZOPO. You will probably catch the chance of ZOPO rising. We’ll manage marketing and ZOPO brand image, to promote our distributors’selling.

Cooperate with Us!

We are looking for ZOPO distributors worldwide. People who come first will get priority support in his certain market.

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